Carpets are great for enhancing the aesthetics of an indoor space. It elevates the feel and décor of a place, adding warmth and character. Carpets have been used to decorate indoors for thousands of years and are popular additions in houses and even commercial spaces, like studios, offices, etc. These nifty décor pieces come with multiple variations in fabric, stitching, quality, etc.

Some are made from synthetic fibers, while others have a natural blend. There are the antique varieties made from plush and delicate wool and silk threads; the Persian and oriental rugs! As beautiful as a carpet or rug looks in your house or office, it is equally important to clean them. Not just vacuum-cleaned, you need professional carpet cleaning services in Midtown Atlanta to keep it as good as new and free from dirt and germs.

Mop and Glow Pro Cleaning offers extensive carpet and rug cleaning by professional cleaners with adequate training and experience. We will clean it for you without causing any damage to the color or texture of the carpet.


Health experts claim that carpets literal dirt magnets because they are placed on the floor. You are walking on them, spilling food and liquid on the rugs, and let’s not forget that if you have kids and pets at home the dirt build-up will be more because of the pet hairs and frequent spills.

So, considering all those factors, do you think a simple vacuuming is enough to get rid of all the dirt and grime that has settled on your carpet and seeped within the crevices over time? Definitely not! That’s where we come in with our expertise in carpet cleaning.

We don’t just clean it along the surface; we give it a deep clean using techniques and tools; only the pros possess. Our professional cleaners have adequate knowledge about the different varieties of carpet and what kind of cleaning works for which fabric. We make sure to extract every last bit of dust, dirt, grime, mold, and mildew from your rugs to improve the indoor air quality.


Mop and Glow Pro Cleaning have years of experience servicing major towns and cities across Georgia. We offer carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial clients at affordable rates without any hidden charges.

Why should you hire us?

  • A team of trained and experienced professional cleaners at your service.
  • We use appropriate techniques and industry-grade equipment for deep cleaning.
  • Zero use of chemicals! We are a true friend of the environment since we use eco-friendly products only.
  • Expertise in cleaning different types of carpets, even the antique Persian and Oriental variety.
  • Guaranteed results assured in hygiene maintenance with quality sanitization techniques.

You can trust us with a prized possession. Our professional cleaners in Midtown Atlanta will make it as good as new. For queries or quotes ring us up, and we will be at your doorstep.